Sash Windows in North London

When you gaze out from your North London property, what greets your eyes? Are your views encased in timeless elegance? Do your windows speak of historical charm mingled with modern efficiency? The London Sash Window Company are dedicated to ensuring this is your reality.

Giving Your Sash Windows a Second Life

The London Sash Window Company are artisans in the realm of rejuvenation. Rather than swapping out your aged sash windows, we breathe life back into them, restoring their former aesthetic appeal. Our meticulous overhaul and draught-proofing service transform worn sash windows into not just pieces of beauty but also markers of efficiency.

Double Glazed Sash Windows: Classic Charm, Modern Comfort

It’s an alluring idea, isn’t it? A cosier, quieter home that retains its historical allure. Our double-glazed sash windows make this dream tangible. By supplanting your single-glazed windows with our advanced double-glazed variants, your home will enjoy superior thermal insulation, reduced energy costs and enhanced security, all while keeping its traditional beauty intact.

Our team of experts are prepared to guide you through this transformation journey, ensuring you opt for the best energy-efficient choice.


Bespoke Sash Windows Replacement: A Perfect Blend of Tradition and Modernity

When your windows have seen better days and restoration is no longer an option, The London Sash Window Company are ready to step in. We provide tailor-made sash and casement windows, expertly handcrafted to retain your home’s unique charm while meeting contemporary demands.

Our products are built using traditional joinery techniques and top-quality materials and come complete with new window furnishings, security locks, and full draught-proofing.


Sash Window Repair: Revitalising Your Home’s Charm

Recognising that full replacements aren’t always necessary, The London Sash Window Company offers comprehensive repair services for your existing sash windows. Our detailed overhauls eliminate draughts and enhance insulation, offering the benefits of double-glazing at a fraction of the cost and with minimal intrusion.

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