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Completion Testimonials

When a job is finished we ask all our clients to fill out a Completion Sheet to confirm the work has been carried out as per quotation and nothing has been overlooked. The completion sheet also gives an opportunity for our customers to provide some feedback.

Here are some recent comments…

“Excellent workmanship and good end product. First class service and support. Happy to recommend company.”

Stuart Blakey, Dulwich

“The London Sash Company provided me with a total professional service from beginning to end. I would highly recommend their services.”

Janet Myers, N3

“We are very pleased with the final result. Your fitter was highly professional and hard working and a credit to your company. Thank you for dealing with our anxieties so professionally.”

Martin Lyons, Walton-on-Thames

“Fitter could not have been more helpful. Polite, tidy hard working, highly recommendable!”

Mary Rees, Wandsworth

“Really pleased. Windows are brilliant and the level of service has been outstanding.”

Nigel Hodgson, Cannonbury

“Excellent workmanship and everything left spotless. I am very pleased. Excellent work as usual.”

John Barrie, Lambeth

“The fitter did an excellent job. He was conscientious, tidy, polite, and extremely trustworthy. I have never handed over my front door key before but I felt comfortable doing so.”

Peter Fallon, Streatham

“Very good workmanship and polite workman.”

Patricia Franklyn, Greenwich

“Excellent service. Windows work and look much better. Area left nice and tidy.”

James Richardson, Balham

“Wonderful service – Excellent work.”

The Sheppard Trust, Notting Hill

“Truly exceptional work. An outstanding carpenter and decorator with an extremely high quality finish – his work is faultless. In addition he is very clean and tidy. I would like him to replace more of my windows. Thank you to the fitter – you worked long hours and were very dedicated – I am delighted.”

Adrian Darlow, Bayswater

“Exceptional work. The fitter did a detailed assessment of each window, noticed cracks, rotten areas, etc and tended to each repair. His attitude and work ethic were exceptional – 12 hour days and every detail tended to.”

Justine Swieca, Blackheath

“Wonderful work – The fitter was very neat and tidy”

Ed Rooney, Dulwich

“Work was carried out well and efficiently with very little disturbance. Thank You.”

Claire Bewes, Balham

“Very pleased with the level of professionalism and service. The fitter was on time, very polite and kept me updated on progress. Absolutely no problem with recommending your company to others.”

Lewis Ifill, Streatham

“Windows look very smart and are much warmer – double glazing very effective, installation relatively smooth and problems overcome without too much trouble.”

Patrick Cordroy Chiswick

“Overall I was very pleased with the work done and it was so nice for once to have a work man who cared about his work! He noticed wood rot no one else did, he noticed windows not fitting right, he cleaned up beautifully. I would recommend you guys any day to anyone! Very, very pleased.”

Bernard Fletcher, Wandsworth Common

“Very pleasant, committed and hard working. Thank you for a nice job.”

Justin Stendall, Dulwich

“Very impressed, beautiful job. The fitter was a pleasure to have completed the work. Also clean and tidy. Craftsmanship is faultless.”

Anna Revell, Crystal Palace

Client Interviews

In addition to the testimonials captured from our Completion Sheets, we conducted a series of telephone interviews to get a more personal perspective about the experience our clients had with The London Sash Window Company.

Brian Bradley, SE27
Replacement Double Glazed Sash Windows and Double Glazed French Doors

“We’ve had you out about three or four times over five or six years. Last November was the French Doors. We had two replacement French doors fitted into our downstairs kitchen.

We live in a Victorian two-up, two-down house and were converting a sitting room into a kitchen. We got builders in to do all the basic work building the kitchen, then we realised that everything else was all nice, all clean, all great… and these French doors were just knackered! They weren’t closing. They were a right mess – there was massive gaps at the bottom, the wind and the rain was howling into it… so we decided to get them replaced.

You’d re-hung replacement sash windows upstairs and downstairs, and you fitted some window shutters with us as well. The guy that came out to do the plantation shutters mentioned you guys did replacement French doors, so when we converted the kitchen we got you out again.

You’re always on time and that’s one thing that’s very important, because I have to take time off work. I live in South-East London but I work in Reading, so I can’t exactly pop back. If they’re going to come they have to come and your guys have always done that. If they say they’re going to come on a Wednesday at ten ‘o’ clock… they come on Wednesday at ten ‘o’ clock!

We’ve had multiple different people from you guys over the years, right from the quoting process all the way through to the guys doing the work. And the reasons we keep using you are because of their time-keeping, their tidiness, and their craftsmanship. The quality of the work. They’re very, very tidy… very competent… just generally very, very good!

We love the plantation shutters… the old ones were all stuck all the time. And we love the doors! In the old days the wind and rain used to howl into them! I think having double glazed French doors now, and being able to close the sash windows, is lovely!

The doors make such a difference to downstairs. The way it looks and the usage. And also the locking mechanism! The old door used to have a key in it and if you shoved it the door would open! This has got the multi-point locking mechanism. Literally, you’d have to smash the doors down to get into it! I love the security… the look and feel… and the general quality of the craftsmanship.

I’ve recommended The London Sash Window Company to lots of people. I asked for some cards to be sent to me, and as people ask about the replacement sash windows and French doors I give your cards out!

If we need more stuff done we know where to go. But I think we’ve run out of windows!”

Caroline Reynolds, SW19
Replacement Double Glazed Sash Windows

“We had very old sash windows that had probably not been changed since the house was built in 1906… and so the wood was beginning to rot, they were very draughty and they weren’t double glazed sash windows.

I found you through the internet. I got other quotes but wasn’t very impressed by the other companies. Some of them tried to sell me other types of double glazed windows. The London Sash Window Company produced authentic sash windows that were modern in the sense that they were double glazed.

I did find that your people were very efficient. The quote came through to me very quickly and it was done very well. I felt confident in The London Sash Window Company and I recommend you.”

David Harris, Berkshire
Replacement Double Glazed Sash Windows

“It’s a block of four flats and the windows were still functioning, but it was single-glazing and one of the flats needed replacement French doors. There were all the problems you have with old sash windows – rattling, thermal insulation, draughts, and they were sometimes difficult to open and close. They needed double-glazed sash windows really. I had other quotes, and then found The London Sash Window Company through a personal recommendation.

The team arrived at the time that they said and got on with it. I thought they were very professional in the way that they worked. They protected the furniture and the carpets, cleared up well after themselves and I thought they did an excellent job!

Very pleased with the replacement sash windows, I would certainly recommend The London Sash Window Company to friends and family!”

Eduardo Damiani, W9 2JS
Overhaul, Draught-Proofing and New Window Furniture

“The flat needed air ventilation to comply with regulation, so we had replacement window glass and secondary sash windows fitted also – for the noise and saving on energy efficiency.

First, you ventilated the sash windows and refurbished all the interior. You took the old sash window frames out, recalibrated the weights and replaced the cords, and then replaced the glass. After that you put in secondary windows. And then I got plantation shutters as well, to get that nice modern feel.

There were two main reasons we got replacement sash windows. First was the noise, because we’re right on a junction and the noise of the buses passing by was extremely annoying. The other reason was to keep the warm air in the house during winter time.

I searched the internet for the best company in Central London and you popped up! I just went with the best to make sure I could resolve my problem – I didn’t even get any other quotes!

Your staff at The London Sash Window Company were very honest. I was thinking about doing extra work but David (who came to do the quote) told me what he thought had to be done and was very honest about it. He didn’t try to sell me anything. He said to do one thing at a time and see how things work out and to do more if I liked the work… which is exactly what we did!

The big difference is the reduction in noise and keeping the flat warm. I’m 100% satisfied with the work and your staff are extremely professional and very caring. Obviously when you have someone coming into the flat they are coming into your own space, and you deal with that very well. Max and Pat put all the protection in place, so nothing would get broken or get anything dirty. I’m very happy with how professional you are.”

Erika McIntyre, SW16
Double Glazed Sashes, Fitted into Existing Frame

“We had replacement sash windows in the front of our house – downstairs in the living room. The old sash windows at the front were very draughty – last winter we noticed a particular draught coming through the sash windows, so we wanted to make sure we fixed it before next winter. We had replacement double glazed sash windows fitted into the existing frame, and you also put plantation shutters on those.

At the back, the French Doors were completely rotten and had got worse over time. We had our patio done outside and it exacerbated the problem at it was more obvious. There was a huge gap and you could see outside, so we had replacement French doors there.

We got two other quotes before we chose The London Sash Window Company. I spoke to a friend who had something similar done and had also had a few quotes.

David came around, gave us our quote, and was very helpful. He gave good advice about things that weren’t worth spending money on, and talked about different kinds of glass and different kinds of wood. David was open and honest and didn’t push. We went with The London Sash Window Company because it wasn’t a hard sell.

There was quite a long lead time on the plantation shutters and we changed our minds about when we wanted the work done. You were completely flexible and it wasn’t ever a problem. And the payment terms were very reasonable – we only had to pay a deposit and then made payments after the work was done.

Oli, Reece and Max left the place very tidy and left everything very secure every day. They had a few problems putting the plantation shutters in because the house is old and everything is very wonky, so it took longer than they were expecting. They had to build some extra bits around it and they were very proactive – they didn’t complain and just spent the extra time doing it. Now, it looks great!

It was a very thoughtful process, not a cookie-cutter approach. They asked lot of questions about how we use the sash windows and the French doors, it was a really good experience.

We definitely don’t have a draught through the living room anymore and that’s a huge difference, and the back is draught-free and secure now. That’s what we wanted… and that’s what we got!

I’d definitely recommend The London Sash Window Company, without a doubt!”

Haider Khan, N10
Replacement Double Glazed Sash Windows

“We had replacement sash windows on the ground floor and the top floor. Our sash windows were quite old, we’d had them about five or six years. They weren’t energy efficient and they were quite draughty as well. They needed replacing.

We Google searched and got a few companies out to give us quotes – five different companies I think. When the guys came around, we liked the way they presented themselves, how thorough they were, and they were competitively priced as well!

Everyone was very easy to deal with. Ann who came and did the quote and ran the project is a really nice woman and addressed our concerns instantly. Little problems crop up in projects like this and she was very good and easy to deal with. She took on our concerns without making us feel we were being silly about them!

The carpenters on site were brilliant! They listened to our concerns and if I did spot something or I wanted something adjusted they just took it on board and did it, no issues. They were very thorough, really good work!

Aesthetically, the replacement sash windows look much better, there’s less noise and it’s warmer now as well!

I recommend The London Sash Window Company highly, I think they’re a really good company.”

James Murray, SW17
Plantation Shutters

“We’d moved into a new house and were decorating, and we always wanted the café style shutters for the aesthetic. I found The London Sash Window Company by looking on the internet and reading testimonials, and you were quite close to us, so after deciding what we wanted to do we called up and had a very nice customer experience arranging for people to come out.

The measurer came outside of the normal times to accommodate our quite tricky times that we’re available, because I’m out at work. It was a bit more expensive than a couple of others but we much preferred the vibe, the general service, and everything!

It was a very good service. I dealt with two or three people and everyone was very nice and professional, always contactable. Everyone was always punctual, very professional, and had a good customer manner.

It was a very good experience, we’re very pleased with the level of service and the final product! The plantation shutters have really tied the room together. And aesthetically the outside looks nice as well.

We’re very pleased and will use you again. We’ll eventually have some replacement sash windows… we have some old uPVC windows… and we’ll definitely look to The London Sash Window Company to do that work without hesitation!

We absolutely recommend The London Sash Window Company!”

Jane Munroe, SW1
Replacement Double Glazed Sashes, Fitted into Existing Frame

“We’ve used The London Sash Window Company quite a bit in the past. We had replacement sash windows before and you’ve renovated all the sash windows in the new flat. The sash windows were old, rattling and they weren’t opening properly. It’s a listed building and the internal glazing was very heavy and old.

David came out to see us, he assessed the work and gave us a quote there and then. I was really happy because you did it all according to timescale. We wanted the sash window in the bathroom done before we renovated in there, and it was a really tight time-scale to get it done before Christmas. But you got it done in good time!

You came when you said you would and stayed for as long as you said you would. I’m really delighted, you do a great job!

Now the replacement sash windows look fantastic! You can see out clearly, they move up and down easily and they don’t rattle. They look like nice new sash windows! Because it’s listed we had to have internal glazing – the old ones were really chunky and ugly. Now the replacement sash windows are much less intrusive and really look great!

I automatically go to you now as we need more replacement sash windows. I wouldn’t get any other quotes and recommend you highly!”

Jo Jones, BR3 4SE
Double Glazed Wooden Frames

“We had original sash windows in our old house and you’d renovated them for us. I’d seen your van a few times outside people’s houses and I’d seen the work that you did, so that’s why we called you originally. We didn’t know if we needed to get replacement sash windows, but you said you could renovate them. It was a really good job and they worked really well.

Then we moved here about three years ago. It’s a Victorian house and all the windows were plastic… basically they looked horrible! It’s a nice family home, we’re probably going to live here for the rest of our lives, and we wanted to make it our own.

We had sash windows in our previous house, so we had replacement sash windows here for aesthetic reasons, but also because the old sash windows didn’t feel secure – it felt like you might lean on them and they’d fall out! They weren’t very nice and they had been badly fitted. Someone had done a bit of bad DIY at some point – your fitter, Jack, pointed out that one of the sash windows had even been put in back to front!

Simon – who came to see us – was really interested in us and very knowledgeable. We were talking about the sash windows in the surrounding houses and decided to match up with our neighbours.

The whole service was really efficient, really good communication, Lauren got in touch very quickly… and Jack and Max were really lovely. They both worked really hard and I think their work was first-class, it was a pleasure to have them here!

Now the sash windows look fantastic! They feel secure, it feels a lot safer. And they let a lot more light in the house than the old plastic windows – it’s really made the house a lot lighter. The house is transformed – it’s lovely!

I was really pleased with everything. Absolutely recommend London Sash Window Company!”

Kim Mackay, SW18 8RN
Replacement Double Glazed Sash Windows

“We had the top floor three windows done – two bedrooms and a bathroom. We bought the house five years ago and knew we needed replacement sash windows. We figured we’d start with the boys’ room because those were the worst. We have two boys, almost three and almost one, and it was draughty – I mean big draughts! And the old sash windows were really difficult to open and close. They were single glazed and I think one of the sash windows may even have been original, it was very old.

The nursery window was so cracked it was letting in water. I didn’t want the baby to be subjected to that, so I got quotes from some small businesses in the area. You guys were the bigger business. I found all your salespeople really helpful, and it was all effortless. I like that fact that you’re a local business.

The biggest factor for us was the time you quoted to get the project done. You said you’d be in my house for three days, whereas other companies had quoted two weeks! I’d just finished a huge project and I couldn’t stomach having people in for two weeks! That was a big part of the reason we chose you.

I found the staff to all be really friendly and very helpful – it all just seemed very simple. I don’t know much about replacement sash windows and everything was explained really nicely to me. It was really clear what needed to be done.

The best part was that the fitters were so neat and tidy! With two small children in the house the last thing I want was dirt and dust – you were so tidy, which was great!

The draught is gone and the replacement sash windows look so beautiful, it’s amazing! I never really looked at the windows before because they were just so ugly and so hideous. Now, the sash windows themselves are just so beautiful, and the draught is gone. I definitely notice there’s a huge difference in temperature in the nursery… huge! Really good quality, really pretty sash windows!

I highly recommend the London Sash Window Company – I’m going to be calling you guys in a couple of weeks to come and give quotes for the second floor!”

Lady Marsh, SW London
Replacement Sash Windows, Overhaul, Draught-Proofing & New Window Furniture

“We live in a conservation area, although it’s not a listed building. We had one ordinary sash window to replace, and four big sash windows in my drawing room which were completely rotten! I think they were the original sash windows from the 1880s. They were rattling, a draught came through, they were leaking and really on their last legs!

That was the worst thing of all. Whenever the rain came from the East, they leaked! Things were in such bad condition and so rotten, they needed to be completely refurbished, a lot of repair had to be done and bits of rotten wood chopped out. And there hadn’t been any putty put in or anything! They were in very, very bad shape.

I was getting a bit desperate because we’d had two companies out, and both of them seemed to be quite professional, and yet they didn’t even bother to come back to say the job is so dreadful that we don’t actually want to tackle it!

The London Sash Window Company was recommended to me, you came back with a quote and we discussed various options at length. Your team arrived exactly when they said they would and spent half a day just protecting the floors and the furniture and everything.

They have a very can-do attitude to what was clearly a difficult job. The replacement sash window was pretty straightforward for them, but to have to repair sash windows in really bad condition is a much more difficult job. I looked at the windows and wondered if they were repairable at all! But your team was always very upbeat about it and managed to rescue them!

The thing that impressed me most was their can-do attitude and the fact that they did exactly what they said they would do, when they said they would do it, and made absolutely no mess or anything. It was great, all of it!

Now I have no draughts at all, they’re completely waterproof, but they actually cut out sound now as well! It’s not a busy street or anything, and they’re not double-glazed sash windows, but I do notice that it’s quieter in the room – that was an added bonus!

And of course it looks nicer because water damage on the inside is so unsightly. Now they look like new sash windows and they function perfectly – I couldn’t be more pleased!

Based on my experience I would be very happy to recommend The London Sash Window Company. I’m a very happy customer and certainly if I ever need any more work done on replacement sash windows I wouldn’t bother going to anybody else!”

Liz Kelland, SE9 1PS
Replacement Double Glazed Sash Windows

“We have an old house, built in 1901, and had replacement sash windows in the whole house. The previous windows had been put in some time ago – but the work wasn’t done very well. The sash windows were difficult to lock, they used to rattle a lot, and they used to get a lot of condensation – particularly at the back of the house, which is North-facing. And because lots of different people have worked on them over the years there were all sorts of other problems. On one of the sash windows the beading was back-to-front, they weren’t neat – and they wobbled!

If there was high wind or rain I could hear it. And we live near a school, so I would always know what time it was because we could hear the children coming past! We also wanted a bit more energy efficiency. The old sash windows needed painting and sorting and it was silly to just patch them up when we had the funds for replacement sash windows.

I looked for hardwood box sash windows on the internet and went to look at a job nearby you did. The really big impact for me was the lady who came to see us for the quote – Anne I think she was called. She did a really good job of talking about the process and the manufacture of the windows and she was very articulate and knowledgeable. And actually, the same day someone had tried to break into the house. Anne was very considerate about that. The personal impact she had on us was really a deciding factor.

Now, the house is warmer and we don’t have condensation on the sash windows anymore. And the sound-proofing! I don’t hear the children coming past after school! The sash windows are neat and tidy, they look so smart!

I certainly recommend The London Sash Window Company!”

Mary Drew, E8
Replacement Double Glazed Sash Windows

“We had a replacement sash window in my daughter’s bedroom, with weights and everything, because the old sash window was rotten.
It’s a west facing window and it was getting all the weather – draughts were coming in, water was coming in down the wall beneath the windowsill on the inside, and as you were looking out you could see it wasn’t in great shape. It’s a very old house and now the windows are the top priority. And the other thing is, we want to get new curtains, so getting replacement sash windows first makes more sense.

The London Sash Window Company did the replacement sash window in our bathroom a couple of years ago. It was desperate. We’d held off and tried to do various remedies without having the whole thing taken out, but the bathroom desperately needed it.

It was such a pleasant experience. There was one guy came in, really efficient and tidy. There was a slight problem with the sash window but it was remedied within a day or two of me reporting it, and it was just fab that you didn’t have to worry – all taken care of.

And now, our daughter’s bedroom desperately needed a replacement sash window. You did an equally very good job and you seem to have a very good team of people working for you, because the people were different for each job and they were all lovely, very good.

I found the whole service very efficient. David came around and measured and gave us a quote, and there were scheduled payments. It’s all very organised and so there’s no question – you just do as is explained when you sign up, and that’s it! And it works! The first time we had no idea what to expect, the second time it was ‘let’s call them up and get them in!’

The fitters did everything they could to clean up after themselves and the end product is terrific, so it’s all good… it’s no fuss as far as I’m concerned. The whole experience was… you just don’t worry. You know you’re getting a good service and I was really impressed. When there was a slight issue in the bathroom you guys came right back and sorted it, there was no dragging of feet, no delays, no “umming” and “ahhing”! I just felt that you do your work and you stand by it, and the result is great!

Now it’s quieter, it’s warmer and the visuals are much nicer, it looks tidy. It made the room look a lot nicer and less tired!

Of course I would recommend The London Sash Window Company!”

The above interviews have been edited for clarity and readability, but otherwise remain unchanged from the original transcripts of recorded calls. All interviews are published with the express permission of our clients.

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