Noise Reduction Solutions For Sash Windows

Whether you live on a busy road, under a flight path or suffer from loud neighbours, noise can be a painful problem. We have a number of solutions that can help reduce noise pollution. We have carried out a large number of sound insulation projects to both domestic and commercial properties and are experts in the field of noise reduction for sash windows.

Our sound insulation solutions include fitting sound reducing acoustic glass which looks no different to normal glass but helps reduce sound. We are also able to fit secondary glazing, secondary glazing is an additional window fitted inside the current window which will provide maximum sound insulation. Secondary glazing is often viewed as being unattractive however we ensure that whatever system is fitted it both effective and pleasing to the eye.

Soundproofing is a complicated subject and one that cannot be simply resolved. Soundproofing requires experience and technical capabilities in order to provide the best solution.

Benefits of our noise reduction solutions for sash windows:

  • Reduce unwanted noise
  • In keeping with existing windows
  • Bespoke solutions to your needs
  • Statistical information regarding noise levels

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“The big difference is the reduction in noise and keeping the flat warm. I’m 100% satisfied with the work and your staff are extremely professional and very caring. Obviously when you have someone coming into the flat they are coming into your own space, and you deal with that very well. Max and Pat put all the protection in place, so nothing would get broken or get anything dirty. I’m very happy with how professional you are.”

Eduardo Damiani, W9 2JS

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