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There is nothing quite like a sash window for giving your property a traditional and beautiful appearance. Sash windows give your home a unique and stylish look unlike any other, however, if your windows are looking less than perfect you may be wondering whether you should have them replaced. The good news is that, in many cases, this won’t be necessary since window repairs can usually be easily carried out to rectify decay and damage, restoring your sashes back to their original beautiful appearance.

When it comes to traditional sash window repairs, using the right tools and having the necessary expert knowledge is essential to getting the job right first time. While it may not be something that you can carry out yourself, a professional company with considerable experience in the sash repairs business can get your windows looking perfect in no time.

What Kind Of Problems Can Be Resolved?

Many people experience problems with their sash windows that include:

  • Rattling
  • Draughts
  • Poor sound proofing
  • Dirt and dust coming into the room

Although these problems can be annoying, they can be rectified without the need to replace your window. Our sash windows London repairs service can give your existing windows a complete overhaul to eliminate draughts, improve insulation, remove rattles, increase sound proofing and stop dirt and dust from getting into your home.

How Can Sash Windows Be Repaired?

We use a discrete draught proofing system which is virtually invisible however highly effective. We can seal all of the gaps surrounding your window to remove almost all draughts and cold air without affecting the appearance of your windows. This means that not only will your family enjoy a warmer and more comfortable living space, they will also continue to enjoy the benefit of attractive windows without the need for the expense and disruption of installing replacement double glazing.

Even homes which have box sash windows that are in poor condition can benefit from our draught proofing repair service. This involves renovations including correctly sizing sashes and replacing the sash cords to help the window to open more smoothly.

Finding A Sash Window Repairs Company

If you are considering having repairs carried out on your sash windows, you need to be confident that you are choosing a company that are experts in the industry and who can achieve flawless results. Here at the London Sash Window Company, we specialise in restoring traditional sash windows, offering a full service to make your windows more attractive and efficient. Our expert team are able to restore your sash windows to their original beautiful condition while ensuring that you can enjoy all of the comforts and benefits of modern living.

If you could benefit from sash window repairs in London, contact our expert team today. We are proud to be specialists in traditional window and door repairs in London and are happy to give you a no obligation survey and quote so that you can enjoy a warm, comfortable and beautiful home once more. With trusted reviews and testimonials, The London Sash Window Company is the only choice for professional renovations and repairs. Call 020 8355 3421 to restore your sash windows back to their former glory.

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