Sash Window Repair London

A full sash window repair service, overhauling of your existing sash windows and eliminating any draughts.

The London Sash Window Company are your trusted partner for sash window repair in London. We provide exceptional service, preserving the traditional charm of your sash windows while improving their functionality.

You don’t have to let your damaged or faulty sash windows interrupt your lifestyle. With our experts at your service, your home’s aesthetic and comfort becomes our priority. Get in touch with us today to discuss how we can exceed your expectations.

The benefits of draught proofing include improved insulation, removing rattles, stopping dust and dirt coming in and soundproofing.

Our draught proofing system is a discrete method, virtually invisible but very effective. By sealing the gaps that surround a window almost all cold air and draughts can be removed.

  • Best way to seal gaps in your existing window frame
  • Virtually invisible addition to your sash windows
  • Sash cord replacement for smoother opening windows
  • Draughts virtually eliminated
  • Warmer rooms for you and your family

If your windows are in good condition this can be an excellent alternative to full replacement, as you can maintain all the benefits of double glazed windows with lower cost and minimal disruption.

For windows in poorer condition, part of our draught-proofing services can include various renovations, including replacing sash cords, correctly sizing the sashes and making the window open smoothly.

For more information about having your sash windows overhauled and draught-proofed, simply give us a call on 020 8017 1632 or book a free, no obligation survey & quote using the form on this page.


Draught-proofing for Enhanced Comfort

Draughts are a common nuisance with ageing sash windows. We have developed a virtually invisible yet potent draught-proofing system. It involves meticulously sealing gaps surrounding your windows, almost eliminating cold air and draughts. The results? Warmer rooms, improved insulation and a remarkable reduction in external noise.

Restoring Function with Sash Cord Replacement

Do you find your sash windows no longer open as easily as they used to? A common sign of wear and tear in sash windows is the struggle to open them smoothly. At The London Sash Window Company, we understand this concern and have the answer you seek.

We provide efficient sash cord replacement service to address this common issue, ensuring a smoother operation of your windows.

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Conserving Character, Emphasising Efficiency

Your windows are in good shape but need a little refinement? The London Sash Window Company are experts in breathing new life into well-preserved windows. Our goal is to retain the unique character of your sash windows while enhancing their efficiency. This method offers a cost-effective alternative to a complete replacement, causing minimal disruption to your home.

Renovation for Deteriorating Windows

We also cater to windows showing more significant signs of deterioration. As part of our comprehensive service, we undertake various renovation tasks, including sizing the sashes correctly and making the window operation smooth again. This extensive service ensures that your sash windows remain an attractive, integral part of your London home.

The London Sash Window Company: Your Trusted Partner

When it comes to sash window repair in London, The London Sash Window Company stand as a symbol of quality and reliability. Our commitment to restoring and enhancing the beauty of your sash windows remains unmatched. We pledge to deliver a service that respects your home’s heritage while improving its comfort and energy efficiency.

To explore our comprehensive sash window repair services, feel free to call us on 020 8017 1632. Our team are here to serve, delivering a service that marries tradition with modern-day needs.

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Justine Swieca, Blackheath

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