Double Glazed Sash Windows London

Yes, it is possible to have double glazed wooden sash windows!

Experience the charm of tradition married with the benefits of modern technology when you choose The London Sash Window Company for your double glazed sash window needs. Embracing the classic aesthetics of sash windows, our specialists integrate cutting-edge double glazing technology to bring about an unmatched amalgamation of beauty and functionality.

If you’ve been dreaming of better performance and energy-saving benefits, it’s time to contact the professionals at The London Sash Window Company. We will be happy to offer our expertise and solutions tailored to your specifications.

Single Glazing or Double Glazing

Single glazed windows only offer limited insulation, however, double glazed sash windows will be able to provide your home with better thermal insulation, reduction in energy bills and will help to make your home much warmer during winter.

It is important to note that not all double glazing is the same, and there are different levels of thermal insulation. Our friendly experts talk you through the various different components that go into providing you with efficient double glazing.

Whatever solution you choose, your new double glazed sash windows will provide 3 to 5 times more thermal insulation than your current single glazed windows.

  • 3 to 5 times more thermal insulation
  • Reduces heating costs
  • Provides a warmer environment
  • Complies with current building regulations
  • Improves security

Watch the video below and discover seven things you never knew about sash windows.

Our new double glazed sashes are fully painted and decorated in our own, in-house workshop. The paint finish is micro porous, using the latest paint technologies, which provides an extremely clean and smart appearance and allows the wood to breath and expel moisture – which minimises the risk of rot.

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Why Choose Double Glazed Windows

Superior Noise Reduction

Double glazed sash windows are more than just a means of maintaining a comfortable internal temperature. They also present a solution to the perpetual urban challenge of noise pollution.

Our expertly designed and meticulously installed double glazing serves as a soundproof barrier, reducing the noise from bustling London streets. Experience serenity inside your home, regardless of the noise outside.

Timeless Elegance

Sash windows hold an unspoken elegance that enhances the charm of any home, from Victorian terraces to Edwardian homes. Our bespoke double glazed sash windows uphold this timeless aesthetic while offering all the modern advantages of double glazing.

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The London Sash Window Company’s Exceptional Service

With The London Sash Window Company, you’ll receive a service that combines expert craftsmanship with remarkable customer service. Our team are committed to transforming your living spaces into the haven you’ve always dreamed of.

Our experts provide thorough consultations to ensure the solution you choose is tailored to your unique needs and complements the architectural style of your property.

Preserving History, Promoting Sustainability

The London Sash Window Company’s double glazed sash windows enable Londoners to conserve their property’s historical integrity while actively participating in environmental sustainability. By reducing heat loss, double glazing contributes to less energy consumption, which in turn, leads to lower carbon emissions. Let’s cherish our heritage while promoting a sustainable future together.

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Double Glazed Sash Windows

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Discover seven things you never knew about sash windows!

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“The windows look very smart and are much warmer – the double glazing is very effective, the installation was relatively smooth and problems were overcome without too much trouble.”

Patrick Cordroy, Chiswick

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