Bloomsbury WC1: Victorian Mansion Block

Built in 1890 this large apartment has very large sash windows which let light steam through to the living areas. Unfortunately with windows nearly 120 years old they were not up to modern living standard or match the smartly renovated apartment.

New double glazed sashes were fitted incorporating both thermal and sound insulating glass. The original frames where firstly renovated which included removing paintwork that had built up over the years from periodic decoration. The new sashes had previously been decorated off site with a white finish inside and a specified colour to the outside.

The project also included fitting secondary glazing to improve sound insulation and a number of the windows fitted with frosted glass to provide privacy.

Once complete the new sashes remained in keeping with originals but provided increased thermal and sound insulation with windows that looked in line with the rest of the apartment.

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Bloomsbury: Victorian Mansion Block
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